Dave was taking a film class and they wanted him to make a short movie that exposed be involved in of his life. He decided to really shock them. He went home, stripped his clothes off and set the camera up so it could film him as he stroked his rod. He laid down and grabbed his dick and started to stroke. He pulled on his cock until he was rock burdensome then he reached down with his free hand and grabbed his balls. He massaged his nuts as he stroked his dick then started to build up speed. As he got close to cumming he zoomed the camera in and got a close up shot of him blasting his load all over his belly. The film class was stunned, aroused and shocked. Luckily, someone from the class got a copy of the motion picture and sent it into Boy Fun Collection so they could include it in limerick of their regular updates and all the satisfied members could enjoy Dave’s film transmit.
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