Jerking me off he was able to get me rock-hard and he wished to continue
I went to the doctors for a routine checkup, because I hadn’t been in such a lengthy time. When I was in the exam room, one of the fresh doctors, Dr James came in to perform the physical for me. He took down my basic stat and history information from me. Dr James had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. Then, I had to eliminate my boots and pants for the Dr and he had me lay down for him to continue. Testing my reflexes he checked my legs leaning them forward towards my chest. Palpating my stomach, he hurried the exam along he took down my underwear. Putting on a pair of gloves and then he felt my testicals! The doctor dreamed me to turn over and that is when he had me up on my knees. He then wedged his finger in my bunghole to feel my prostate. I was a little dazed at first, because it had been a highly long time since I last had anything up there. He only fingered me for a minute before he had me turned back around. Touching my cock, he asked me how much I jerked off and had sex. He told me that he thought that I had a build up down there and he wished to help me out. Jerking me off he was able to get me rock-hard and he wished to continue. Then lowering his gullet to my cock, Dr James started to give me head. It felt fine to have his super-fucking-hot gullet on my dick. The doctor claimed the room was getting hot, so he took off his shirt, revealing his bare, toned chest. Unbuttoning his pants, I was able to start to touch his sausage to get him hard. Soon I found myself jerking him off; once he had a boner, I placed his stiffy in my throat as he had formerly done to me. He liked it and continued deep throating and masturbating my spear too. I then stopped what I was doing and Dr James focused just on me. That was highly nice! I was glad to witness that I was getting all the attention I wanted. As he masturbated me off, I was getting closer to having an orgasm. Ever since I could remember, I have always been a blast moaner right before I cum. The doctor didn’t seem worried, he actually seemed like he was getting turned on by it. I told him to keep stroking me firmer so that I would shot my stream all over my stomach. When I did, he kept the movability going. Very swiftly my bone became soft and I embarked to wriggle until he took his hand off. Dr James had me get down on the floor in front of him so that I could come back the favor for him. I started to give him head once more, and he liked it. I thought that I was a pretty fine blow job expert, and made some noise showing he was loving it. Taking over, he began jacking off, and I was going to have him shoot his stream on my face. How hot was that going to be? To have my doctor share his geyser right on my lips and nose. When he came the geyser went everywhere. I was sexually aroused to eat the spunk off of my lips and fingers. Cum has always been something that turned me on. Dr James told me that he wanted to schedule a follow-up visit and that was something that I was going to view forth to.

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