He put on a pair of gloves and then slipped his finger into my tight asshole, and it didn't feel that bad.The doctor then went for some kind of instrument, and hooked it up to a machine.Putting the instrument in my ass, he was careful to go slow at first.Once it was in, he turned it on and I was able to feel some vibration.I have to admit that it was very weird to have it in there, but I did start to get aroused with it in my ass.The doctor played with my dick a little bit, before he had finished his test.He then was able to get me fully hard with a boner.Dr.Dick had to jerk me off for what seemed like an eternity to seem to even get me close to an orgasm.Finally, I didn't have much time to give the doctor a warning before I came.I came right on his hand and it seemed to be a pretty big load size.The doctor said that he wanted me to come back the following week for a follow-up visit to see if the meds he gives me makes the cough go away.I sure hope it does, because this was one weird visit that I had.
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