Honestly, I had ever talked sex with a doctor before so it was kind of weird but it didn't seem too bad.Putting on a pair of gloves he started to get himself ready to examine something.The first thing that he wanted to do was take my temperature, so to do that he had wanted to do it anally.He had me roll over and get on all fours.As I did the doctor slapped me on the ass with his hand.He lubed up the thermometer and stuck it in my ass.Leaving it there for a minute he told me to focus on the wall to keep me occupied.When he pulled it out of my ass he took a reading and found that I was running a little bit of a fever.I asked him how they took care of that as I rolled over back over on my back.He told me that my testacies seemed a little tense and so the only way was to relieve that.
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