Next, Dr. Phingerphuk wanted to continue the exam, since Mark had never been to the clinic before. He started to do some tests and then at the end of the exam would give us a special ointment to put on Mark's foot. As the doc started to look over Mark he found the scare from when Mark had a hernia taken out. Then, the doc wanted to check his balls and to do that Mark's underwear needed to come off. Looking over his cock and balls Dr. Phingerphuk asked if Mark had recently gotten off because he saw some dried up cum on his skin. All Mark responded with was that he got off a bit ago, and the doc said that Mark had an interesting penis as he checked it over. The doc said that he wanted to see Mark's dick fully erect, and worked on playing with it for a moment. Then, the doc asked me if I wanted to help. I didn't even get a response out before Mark said ok. They both looked at me with anticipation to get out of the chair. I moved over to Mark, grabbed his cock and lowered my mouth. Right away Mark started to moan and let me know that he was enjoying it.

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