Out of breath, Chad took a second to catch his breath and then climbed down off the table.That is when the doctor asked if I wanted the same treatment.I wasn't going to turn down getting off by the hot doctor.Getting comfortable, I was ready for the hottest hand job that I was going to receive.The doctor grabbed some lube and started stroking my cock, and it was just a slow steady climb for me.In my head I just thought that I wanted the moment to last as long as it could.All of a sudden, Chad let out that he was going to blow his load again for a second time.He came on my leg with his load, and thank god it was smaller in size.However, it was still thick! The doctor went back to jerking me off with all the muscles in his hand and it took several minutes, but I started to feel like I was getting close to having an orgasm.My breathing was getting faster, and then all of a sudden I could feel the cum starting to come.I used every muscle in my body to hold it back, but it only bought me seconds as the cum was sprayed on my stomach.I came on my lower stomach a nice size load for all the doctor's hard work.
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