Sitting in the exam room for what seemed like an eternity for Dr.Dick to come in, Anthony and I just sat there talking about the work.When Dr.Dick came into the room he asked me why I was in, and I told him that I was considering going into the adult industry.He agreed with me that it was a good idea to get myself tested and checked out before I got started.Dr.Dick had me take off my shirt and he started to listen to my heart and lungs.Pressing the stethoscope against my skin it was cold for the first couple of times he moved it around.He could tell from my lungs that I was a big social smoker.Continuing on with the exam he checked my blood pressure, listened to my chest some more, and palpated around my stomach area.The doctor moved his hands around very gently and touching my body in different spots.It had been a while since I really had a good exam by a doctor, so I figured that this was just a very thorough job.The doctor felt around my cock and balls with his hand to make sure that everything was ok.He told me that he wanted to check my stamina, since I was going to be doing porn.
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