#1 boys first time having sex
#2 boys first time having sex

Along the walk down there, Diesel pulled out his smokes to have a cigarette and this skater stopped to ask if he could have one.Passing him one, Diesel was fine in giving him one and we started striking up a conversation with this surfer/skater boy.His name was Ethan, with blonde, shoulder length hair, smooth skin, and some slight pelvic lines.He was a hot boy, which seemed to be enjoying his time along the beach.One thing that caught my eye was that he seemed to be a little high, but he laughed and said no.I told him what we really did and that we were in the adult industry.He kind of acted like he was interested, then took his cigarette and skated off.Diesel and I figured that we would finish trying to scout out a place to do the photo shoot.As we had continued up the beach after a while Ethan came back and approached us about doing some work to make some extra money.I kept the talk about what would happen light since we were out in public, and the boys agreed to go back to the studio to do a shoot.
#3 boys first time having sex
#4 boys first time having sex
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