Going back to jerking off, I put a little wager on the line, and said I would give an extra $100 to the guy that came first in the shoot.Reaching over and grabbing the lube bottle Ethan knew that would help him get there faster.He handed the bottle over to Diesel, so that he could use it as well.We were only a minute into the jerking and Ethan started to breath really hard out loud.He shot his load on to his stomach and it was a large, runny, and a clear cum load.As he was calming down from his orgasm, Diesel shot his load up straight into the air.Most of it landed back onto his dick and hand, but it too was a great size load.They both did such a good job, that I told him that I would give them both the extra $100.I asked them to come back the following day, and would have a surprise for them both.The surprise idea kind of scared them, and so they really wanted to know what it was going to be.I told them that I was going to pay them $1000 for coming in to do another shoot for us.Laughing they knew that they were going to make some serious money for all the work that they were going to do.I look forward to having them both back for more work, and watching them taking things a little further next time.

#1 first financial settlement
#2 first financial settlement
#3 first financial settlement
#4 first financial settlement
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