Moving over to the bed, they each got on starting from left to right we had Tyler, Xavier, and Ryan. Now, I paid a little extra to have Tyler #2 and Xavier jerk Tyler off until he was going to cum. Tyler came on his nice, smooth, tan stomach with a thick, creamy, load stretching up to his nipple. Xavier was next to follow and his cum load shot out like a cannon. Cum was flying in all directions and Tyler and Ryan were watching where it was going. Tyler #2 climbed in the middle of the boys so that he could blow his load and prove that he had just as much to share. While Tyler #2 was jerking off, Xavier our cameras suddenly turn to Xavier. All of a sudden, you hear a "fuck" out of Xavier and cum goes shooting up to his nipple. Tyler #2 was left out as he was just way too nervous to cum. All the guys did such a great job that I look forward to seeing if we can work more with each of them and fly them down to Florida. Who knows maybe we can get these guys to do something more next time.

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